Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Enjoy the chill Dieng, Temples Mountaintop

Indonesia is very rich in culture as well as the omission of a government's success in the past. Some relics of the past success of the country and is the largest in the whole indonesia one of which is in Dieng, Wonosobo. Dieng temple complex in the cold and in the mountain peaks, there is an Arjuna temple complex site is one of several oldest temple in Java. Arjuna temple in kompek this still leaves five temples having already reached the age of more than a thousand years. By the age of five years, reaching a thousand temples still stand firm, like any new building in the wake. With ornate fixtures or temple structure is still intact makes this temple become spiritual tourist attraction for visitors. Accompanied with a cool atmosphere dense fog in the morning and the evening did not discourage both domestic and international tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty dang chill in the mountain peaks Dieng. Some local residents take advantage of the temple for an Event halam play, they play casual look while the tourists are around to observe the oldest temple in Java.
The oldest temple complex in Java was first discovered by a British man who is a British soldier who was working in Indonesia. Major British soldiers who have found Dieng temple complex is Van Kinsbergen year 1814. The uniqueness of this temple is another temple than at the discovery of this temple submerged in a swamp. While most of the temples were found buried in the place of the land preformance. That's what separates Temple in Dieng plateau which has a cool atmosphere. After successfully finding the soldier temple complex reporting and swamps drying process soak the new temple made ​​40 years later. According to the caretaker of the temple naming temple has yet to be understood. Most of the name of the temple was taken from the name of Javanese puppet. The naming of the temple was performed by residents around the temple. As the center of the temple is a temple Arjuna because it is the largest temple and a position dealing with the temple building elongated shape with a sturdy pyramid-shaped roof. Locals often refer to this temple is a temple Semar.
In addition to the two temples were still there several temples that surround the center of the temple Arjuna temple. Because this place used to be a complex of gardens or the royal temple positions close to each other. Some temples around the temple Arjuna is a temple Srikandi, Puntadewa Temple, and Temple Sembadra. Some similarities between the temple with one another very striking look. Such forms Puntadewa temple which has similarities with Arjuna temple. While the other two temples has particularly smaller building forms and low. Both the temple and the temple Srikandi is a temple Sembadra. Dieng temple complex located on the top of the mountain with the cold temperatures have several stories that Puntadewa temple lies in the middle of the second temple Sembada and Srikandi a brother and sister and both the wife of Arjuna when played in the puppet stage.
The beauty of the temple complex is very complete with manicured gardens, making this temple has a quiet and calm atmosphere. With the expanse of trees still covered the mountain, each view will only be fixed on the thick fog that blanketed the hills dieng. Cold rolling hills with magnificent temple ornaments will make you feel at home to set aside some time to enjoy it.

Jumat, 30 November 2012

Bromo, stretch of sand on top of the mountain that is still active

Mountains are still active in eastern Java is a major tourist destination mountains. You should never say never go to eastern Java when melum come to tour this charming volcano. Mount Bromo, stretch of sand on top of the mountain that is still active, located in the national park Bromo Tengger Semeru have differences with other mountain in Indonesia and even in the World. Vast expanse of sand reaching 5250 hectares at an altitude of 2392 m promising beautiful views. There are some of the facilities provided by the local people such as lodging and restaurants. If you want to discriminate equestrian sports. Mount Bromo is a good place because there are rental horses that deliberately empowered to Mount Bromo tourist visitors. In addition to the provision of sport horses is intended to allow you to pass through the sea of ​​sand and mountain climbing high enough. When the eyes of the day you can watch the sunrise at the top of a mountain to climb hundreds of stairs that is. Having reached the top you will see the beauty of how dazzling sun emerging. If you want to be patient for a while, and at the same time to watch the sun swept the earth.
According to the resident and caretaker of Mount Bromo Mount Bromo is said that the words of the ancient language that is Brahma. Brahma is the god of the Hindu religion in power long. Bromo, stretch of sand on top of the mountain that is still active into eastern Java icon because of the number of visitors and tourists is constantly increasing. Mount Bromo is a mountain that has the most extensive sea pasit than linnya mountain. Mountains are not too great except Mount Bromo is the advantage of having the most beautiful and picturesque scenery yangs than other volcanoes. Beauty that can not be described it would make travelers will always remember and will be back again to visit here.
At the peak of Mount Bromo is all the tourists from all over the world come together to enjoy the beauty of the sun rising and setting in the west end. While you will be cool to see the sights sound of travelers admiration of the beauty of Mount Bromo, stretch of sand on top of the mountain that is still active and continues to sound camera shooting pictures of landscapes. Looking far east will look great figure and not too far semeru the mountain adjacent to Mount Bromo. While diketinggian you would feel is a very bone-chilling cold. To relieve this winter you will be served hot coffee provided by the seller who was a native. After drinking the cup of coffee you feel better and warmer. While culinary sold at Mount Bromo, stretch of sand on top of the mountain that is still active is the grilled corn with a variety of unusual flavors you choose according to taste. If you visit East Java, a time to see the scenery of Mount Bromo or just enjoy the grilled corn with various flavors.

Kamis, 29 November 2012

Goa gong. Exotic Voice Echoing Reverberations of Stalactites

A cave is situated in the village of Bomo, Punung, Pacitan district. It would take a half hour drive to the location if you are in the center of Pacitan. You can get to the location of the various regions is the border between the two cities in central Java. If you are in the city of Yogyakarta, you can take the path Wonosari, solo, and then will enter the area ponorogo eastern Java. By using a personal vehicle distance to the location is quite short because it does not have to follow city bus routes that will get you. A quick way to get to the location by using a private vehicle then take the route through solo. Cities chosen as a solo lane because road construction is smooth and flat you will simplify and speed up to reach locations. Although road conditions are smooth and you have to remain calm because after this point you will encounter road conditions hairpin turns and ups and downs. Goa gong. Exotic Voice Echoing Reverberations of Stalactites Not too far to the other cave attractions that cave wasps, one of several interesting caves to visit.
Surely you are familiar premises nickname given Pacitan district itself. 1001 City of goa is a nickname that will be easy to remember your minds. The reason for giving this name because pacitan district has many beautiful caves and famous. One of them is Goa gong. Exotic Voice Echoing Reverberations of Stalactites. Why pacitan has many beautiful caves and charming. According to geographer pacitan city is a path of limestone mountains in the island of Java. The starting point of the limestone mountain area dalah Kebumen then head towards the east of the district Gunungkidul yogyakarta and continued until pacitan and stopped in the city of Malang. Limestone mountains have an identity with the cave under the previous tandah are lines underground streams that form interesting patterns. After drying will terihat some known cave passage.
The reason why it is often referred to as first goa gong according to local folklore that resembles a gong sound is often heard and echoed in the cave. Gong is a Javanese gamelan instruments made ​​of bronze or brass. How to play the gong is struck by the accompaniment of some other instruments will install gong sound more beautiful. Great sound characterizes gong to be a marker of the end of the chorus. Upon entering the complex of cave tours gong, you have to walk about 100 meters to reach the cave that became a symbol of the city's pacitan. If you are logged in the cave ornaments will surely be surprised because that is formed naturally produce beautiful stalactite and stalagmite inside. Coupled with light that has a different color will add so dazzling Goa gong. Exotic Voice Echoing Reverberations of Stalactites. In addition to light that aims to add to the beauty in the cave, the light is also intended to help the lighting in the cave so that you do not terpelesat or lost. With the formation of stalactite and stalagmite young, coupled with the reflected light of the stalactite and stalagmite makes incredible scenery. No wonder if the cave is called the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia.
The uniqueness resulting from the cave is often played gamelan gong Java. Tally is the sound of a blow stalatnit and stalactites. tone then synced back with the other musical instruments. If you are curious please visit at Pacitan

Rabu, 28 November 2012

Watu Karung Beach, Charming But Rocky

If you love a challenge when you go traveling, maybe it would be suitable for you because you have to travel to the location of the road is not easy. The location was very remote and hidden in one place that stretches along the southern coast in the district Pacitan. Watu Karung Beach, Charming But Rocky can only be accessed by using vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. They even had to rent, why should you hire? Surely you are not willing vehicle damaged by a rock and not strong in the way that the structure of the soil uphill. Winding road to the location as being the snake body and rising pillar as when in the mountains will make your adrenaline racing, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat. You will feel an hour's drive to the location because it was a long bumpy road. After taking almost an hour's drive you will see the tip of your eyes will look a little dock that is also used as a fish auction. Maybe in your heart will not think will find beautiful beaches because throughout the course of the encounter is the mountains. That is the uniqueness of the beach Watu Karung.
The track is very small and difficult to pass to the beach make browsing a little difficult. Passing through the narrow houses with a yard that is full of big trees seemed to get into the woods. After a few trips through the tire will be paid by the beauty of a small beach with clean and clear water making waves tend to look blue and green. With sunlight bouncing on the water surface will look like splinters of glass exposed to the sun so it will blind your eyes for a moment. When menginjakan feet in the sand Watu Karung Beach, Charming But Rocky, your feet will feel the gentle caress the white sand is very beautiful.
With big waves this place is highly sought after by surfers. However, the condition of the road will be difficult for visitors to get to a place that became a haven for surfers. The basic structure of the rugged and rocky beach makes a great beach waves would be perfect.waves in a given month will be formed so that the place would be full of surfboards, both maupu an advanced beginner to amateur and international surfers gathered here to menahklukan waves in the Watu Karung Beach, Charming But Rocky. If you want to see the action of the surfers who are practicing, just to the location. But you must be prepared in a way that is not easy to be reached

Selasa, 27 November 2012

Klayar Beaches, Surfing Paradise Tourist

There's more beauty advice from Pacitan was known as the City of the 1001 Cave is almost the same as the country in the middle east. With the make a pacitan very close to the existence of Cave. Some are in Pacitan Cave is cave Gong, Cave Tabuhan, Cave Putri, Cave Luweng Jaran. If you want to feel the beauty pancitan besides Cave, Pacitan also has a beach with beauty. Pacitan also has a beautiful beach with a very beauty. Some beach is a beach is pacitan Ria Teleng the place to be in downtown. Besides beaches Ria Teleng many more beautiful beaches and is mandatory for you to visit. One of these is Klayar beaches, surfing paradise tourist . The beach is gently sloping and has a beauty similar to the beauty of Tanah Lot in Bali is located in a rural area that Kalak village with Donorojo Pacitan districts in East Java.
According to local sources that are the origin of the name Klayar Klayar Coast beaches, surfing tourist paradise comes from the composition of two words ie Klayar - Kluyur. The word is a word of the language Java, which means the walk. With this good shore visitors during the holidays or not the beach is called Klayar coast. Mention was based on the number of people who spend time on the walk alongside the beach. The location of the beach which is only 35 kilometers to the west coast town of pacitan makes this easy to access. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure already will be more easy for you to reach the site. The beach area that is located in the District Donorojo is the entrance to the district pacitan of solo and Yogyakarta. So if you are solo or Yogyakarta residents do not need to travel long distances because the beach is located on the outskirts pacitan Klayar which is the border with solo.
The main attraction and identity southern coast is high waves with some white sand and coral reefs and some of the mountain rock surface. With high waves but the balance is what makes the beach Klayar a paradise for surfers to try their hand. The beach is not too deep also allow for those of you who are just learning. If you do not have the equipment but want to surf and conquer klayar beach waves, this place also rents and even held a course for those who want to learn. To take surfing lessons and practice on you do not need to spend a lot of money. You do not need to worry again when entered into the water because there are few lifeguards who will oversee your beachfront As you can see, you will see the coast guard along the coast. Their job is to minimize the occurrence of accidents while coastal environment


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